In today's world we are constantly trying to value things. Be it a coin or a watch they are always going to be more valuable to some people than to others. In this story it is of an old watch that has been passed down throughout the family.

A father before he died said to his son: “This is a watch your grandfather gave me, and it’s more than 200 years old. But before I give it to you, go to the watch shop on the first street, and tell him I want to sell it, and see how much he offers you.”

He went, and then came back to his father, and said, “The watchmaker offered $5 because it’s old.”

He said to him: “Go to the coffee shop.” He went and then came back, and said: “He offered $5 father.”

“Go to the museum and show them that watch.“ He went then came back, and said to his father “They offered me $1 million for this piece.”

The father said: “I wanted to let you know that the right place values you in the right way. Don’t find yourself in the wrong place and get angry if you’re not valued. Those that know your value are those who appreciate you, don’t stay in a place where nobody sees your value.”

Know your worth.

Just like with items of value, to some they are trash and to others they are priceless. Find who you are priceless too and continue to build that relationship to maximize who you are and what you do for people.

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