About Greg

The Pool Playing Web Developer

About Greg

Greg WhiteheadGreg Whitehead is 44 years old. He has been married for 4 years to Samantha and they been together for 14 years. His son Loki is 15 years old. Loki is a soon to be YouTube star who enjoys playing tennis, chess, and especially video games. The biggest of Greg's hobbies is playing pool.

Greg is the Sr. Web Developer for inConcert Web Solutions where he has been developing websites for 18 years. From building custom e-commerce solutions and web apps to customizing existing websites he has 28 years of experience working on the web. His love for programming started back in the 80’s while programming in QBasic and playing QBasic Gorillas on one of his first computers.

Starting with basic HTML in 1996, he picked up a PHP/MySql book in 2005 to learn how to build a login script for a website that was secure and hasn’t stopped developing web applications. His focus has been on WordPress development for the past 15 years. From customizing existing add-ons to building them from scratch there isn't any task that he doesn't want to accomplish.

Over the years Greg has come across a lot of sayings that help him get through the day but also bring a smile to other people's faces. His goal with this website is to share some of those stories or sayings with you and what they mean to him. Remaining positive in life is what he strives for.


"Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things"
George Carlin

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."