We are all god but we are not god

This is a theory that I have been playing with for a long time now. The power of prayer and/or affirmations is a very strong thing in this world. If you were to put ever persons consciousness into one being that would be what we consider god or a higher power. In a...

Do what you can when you can

So I came across this story on Facebook and thought it a good one to share. You never know when a small repair job will mean the world to someone so go that extra mile. Who knows, it could even save a life or two. A man was asked to paint a boat. He brought his paint...

Always striving for a better tomorrow by making a better today.

With the start of a new year people are always going to make New Year's Resolutions. Why at the beginning of the year do we say we are going to do better than we did the year before. We should all be living for today and wishing people the best today we can. There is...

Know your worth!

In today's world we are constantly trying to value things. Be it a coin or a watch they are always going to be more valuable to some people than to others. In this story it is of an old watch that has been passed down throughout the family.

Never Give Up

There are times in life where we get turned around or make missteps. We need to learn to not be as hard on ourselves as we are. We will get through it. Our hardships make us who we are and can make us better than we were before.

The Ship Repair Man

This story about a ship repair man is a great way to look at what experience can do. I do not know how many hours I have put in on server management so that when problems arise now I can solve them in 5 minutes.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

I think this saying is pretty much saying that what you put out you will get back in the world. If you wish to see the world be a better place then do what you can to make it a better place. By doing this you will not only improve other peoples perspectives of the...

So you say it can't be done?

You never know what you are capable of until you try. If you just keep doing what you have always done you will not learn anything new and continue living a boring life. Imagine the possibilities if you try to do something no one has ever done before.