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A Clockwork Orange

A classic movie directed by non-other than Stanley Kubrick. This should be in any movie goers collection. See you at the milk bar.

Poolhall Junkies

Movies that are based around pool are hard to come by. There are of course the classics like The Hustler and some say the Color of Money. I feel this one can be added to the list of good pool movies. Mars Callahan not only stars in it but he also wrote it with Chris...


One of directors Guy Ritchie's best movies. He has an interesting way of telling his story which is weaving multiple stories that come together at the end. Brad Pitt plays a gypsy bare knuckle-boxer and the story revolves around a dog, a squeaky toy, and an 84-carat...

The Gentlemen

This is another great movie from the Director Guy Ritchie. He has also done a few other great movies in my list of must see's like Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

The Tax Collector

This is an action packed movie with a great story line. In this movie, David (Bobby Soto) and Creeper (Shia LaBeouf) are "tax collectors" for the crime lord Wizard, but when Wizard's old rival returns to Los Angeles from Mexico, David must fight for his family and his...


A frustrated office worker discovers that he is the son of a professional assassin, and that he shares his father's superhuman killing abilities. This movie was originally a graphic novel with the same name and I think they did a good job of bringing it to the big...

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